10th International Trade Show

Palais des Expositions d’Alger – SAFEX
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Algeria ranks among the largest importers of printing technology in Africa

With €77m in 2021, Algeria ranks among the largest importers of printing technology on the African continent in 2021, behind South Africa with €136m and Egypt with €119m, but ahead of Nigeria €64m, Morocco €45m, Ghana €29m, Kenya €28m and Tunisia €23m.

The most important supplier countries are Germany, Italy, China, France, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, UK, Belgium, USA and Austria.

Source: VDMA / Graph: fairtrade

Algeria is one of the largest importers of packaging technology in Africa

With €127m in 2022, Algeria belongs to the leading importers of packaging technology on the African continent, together with Nigeria (€183m), South Africa (175m) and Egypt (€162m).

Italy, Germany, China, France, India, Turkey, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and the USA have been the main suppliers for the African continent in 2022.

Source: VDMA / Graph: fairtrade

Range of exhibits

Prepress and Premedia

  • Systems
  • Appliances
  • Software


  • Machinery
  • Appliances
  • Accessories
  • Materials / Consumables
  • Services

Bookbinding / Print Finishing

  • Machinery
  • Appliances
  • Accessories

Paper Converting

  • Machinery
  • Appliances
  • Accessories

Consumer goods

Provision of Services

Packaging machines and devices

  • Machines for the production of packaging and packaging components for packaging, preparing and feeding to the packaging machine
  • Machines for preparing, feeding and packaging of products
  • Machines for packaging loose products
  • Machines for packaging packaged products
  • Machines for additional operations within the packaging process
  • Tools and equipment to assist manual packaging
  • Complete packaging lines

Packaging materials, packaging means, packaging aids

  • Packaging materials
  • Packagings
  • Complementary packaging means


  • Business support
  • Trade press
  • Research and teachings
  • Associations and branch organizations

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