The Algerian printing & packaging industry

Algeria is the 3rd largest importer of printing & paper technology in Africa

Algeria together with South Africa and Egypt belongs to the three largest importers of printing & paper technology on the African continent. 

The most important supplier countries are Germany, Italy, China, France, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, UK, Belgium, USA and Austria

Algeria‘s imports of printing & paper technology

Source: VDMA 2019 / Graph: fairtrade

Strong and sustainable growth: Algeria is the largest importer of packaging technology in Africa and the Middle East


  • With 246 million euros, Algeria is the leading importer of packaging technology on the African continent in 2018, followed by South Africa (175 million euros in 2018), Egypt (168 million euros) and Nigeria (158 million euros). 
  • But while South African and Egyptian imports have stagnated or even declined in recent years, Algeria has experienced significant growth: +65 % from 2012 to 2018, from 149 to 246 million euros. 

The Middle East

  • Algeria is also a leader compared to major countries in the Middle East. In 2018, for example, Iran imported packaging machinery worth 166 million euros, Saudi Arabia for 159 million euros and the UAE for 134 million euros.
  • Italy, Germany, France, Spain, China, Turkey and Austria are Algeria's main suppliers.  

Algeria‘s imports of packaging technology

Source: VDMA 2019 / Graph: fairtrade